Please support our Winter Crisis Appeal 2022

“What I can say, hand on heart, to people considering supporting our Winter Crisis Appeal, is that your support could save a life this Winter.”

Fiona Williamson, Edinburgh Street Team Lead.

Simon Community Scotland has been providing support to people experiencing, or at risk of, homelessness for over five decades, no matter the reason.

We’re now seeing a greater demand for our support services than ever before. This year we’re set to support over 8,000 people experiencing, or at risk of, homelessness. That’s an increase of around 33% on last year. 

Throughout October, our Edinburgh & Glasgow Support Hubs provided information, support, advice & care to double the number of people we would normally see.

And Winter hasn’t hit yet.

Times are tough.

For many people we’re speaking to, it isn’t simply choosing between heating and eating. It’s a struggle to keep the roof over their head. A place of safety. But it’s more than safety.  It’s a special place they have waited and worked for and now they will have to leave it. Forced out to the street. Again.

At Simon Community Scotland, we don’t turn anyone away. We understand that no one chooses to be homeless. That’s why our trauma informed services are designed to support people at each stage of the journey, in a way that can help them to achieve the best possible outcomes. 

And we do it with help from supporters like you. We are providing vital emergency support when and where it’s needed most, especially this Winter. 

That’s why we’re asking if you would help us to reach even more people who will need us this Winter.  We urgently need to provide practical items to keep the people we support safe and warm. 

Your financial support can help

We want to be able to provide Crisis Packs to 1,000 people to keep them safe and warm this Winter. Each tailored Pack could contain essential items such as:

• £5 worth of toiletries 

• £10 worth of food vouchers

• £15 scarf, hat and glove set

• £20 jacket to keep them warm this Winter

• £50 worth of gas and electricity top ups

Fundraise for our Winter Crisis Appeal 2022

Is your company, school, club or association planning to fundraise for a charity this Winter?

We would greatly appreciate your support – you can set up a Just Giving page and link it directly to our Winter Crisis Appeal 2022 page. 

We’d love to hear from you if you are fundraising for our Appeal. Please email

Times are tough

With the cost of living crisis hitting hard, more people will need our support. You can help.