Period Facts

  • On average a normal cycle lasts 28 days and a period lasts on average 5 days.
  • You should not keep a tampon in place for more than 8 hours.
  • If you're passing large clots, bleeding between cycles, soaking your tampon/pad two hourly or seen dramatic changes in your period you should see your GP.
  • The average women will spend 3500 days menstruating during her lifetime.
  • Periods are often heavier, longer and more painful during the winter.
  • Tampon is french for plug and around 70% of women prefer tampons to pads.
  • The average period releases 35ml to 50ml of blood. More than 80mls is regarded as a heavy period.
  • When a woman’s fat percentage drops to under 10% her periods will stop as it’s the fat cells in the body that supply the oestrogen needed to trigger menstruation.
  • Common and less common names for your period include: Aunty Flo, On the Crimson Time, Monthlys, Shark Week, on the rag.