Volunteer With Us

Volunteer With Us

Our volunteer team welcomes people with a wide range of skills and experiences – including those who have lived through homelessness. If you like what we do, we’d love you to join us!

How people end up homeless is many and various.  Just as the story of each and every person experiencing homelessness in Scotland will be different, so everyone in Scotland can be part of the solution.

Our roots are in volunteering. Combatting homelessness involves all of us – as a community.

There are a number of different range of ways people can volunteer with us. We are currently looking to fill these roles

  • Warehouse Volunteer  (Glasgow)
  • Simon Store Volunteer (Glasgow)
  • Street Cycles Volunteer (Glasgow)
  • Nightstop Volunteer Host (Glasgow)

Read on for more information.

If you are interested, then please get in touch – let us know which role(s) interest you so we can start a conversation and explore this together.

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Warehouse Volunteer   

What they do: Our central warehouse is where we receive, sort, record, store and co-ordinate the distribution of donations from our supporters. We need volunteers to help us turn around donations quickly and get them to the people that need them.

Why it matters: Often the people we support have very little or nothing. The warehouse is supported by the kind donations of the public. These donations enable us to make things a little easier for people experiencing homelessness. We want to ensure sleeping bags, items of clothing, toiletries and dry foods are distributed regularly to the people we support.

What’s involved? The warehouse is open Monday to Friday and specific periods during the weekends. Get in touch if you’re interested in helping out on a regular basis.

Interested? Contact us letting us know you’re interested in this role. We’d love to start a conversation with you. 

Simon Store Volunteer

What they do: Our Simon Store is the place where our service users can come to select what they need from donations we’ve received. Volunteers help with managing stock and helping people as they choose from what is available: clothes, toiletries, sleeping bags etc. Volunteers work alongside staff helping us maintain this unique service.

Why it matters: We want to provide a warm, friendly environment where people experiencing homelessness can come to get items they need. We want to be enable choice for people. Free access to clothing, toiletries, sanitary products, underwear and maybe even a pair of pyjamas can be a great help to the people we support. We want the donations we receive to be easily accessible to the people we support. This service helps make this happen!

What’s involved: This is a flexible role that can accommodate various shift patterns, however we would ask that volunteers commit to a regular predetermined rota that suits the needs of the service. The service will be open Monday to Friday 09:00 – 17:00 and weekends from 10:00 till 14:00.

Interested? Contact us letting us know you’re interested in this role. We’d love to start a conversation with you. 

Street Cycles Volunteer

What they do: Street Cycles Volunteers are an important part of our Street Team. They use our bicycles to look for places where people are sleeping rough – mapping Glasgow and surrounding areas. The bikes also carry sleeping bags, basic first aid and other essentials to offer people in need of these things. Though our pop up stand in public venues, Street Cycles Volunteers are also involved in raising awareness of homelessness and how folk can help. Read more about Street Cycles here.

Why it matters: Rough sleeping is bad for your physical and mental health, it’s unsafe, it’s risky and it’s scary. We want to help people find safe places to sleep. To do that, we need to know where people are sleeping, check-in with those we know already and meet anyone new to the streets. We map the city everyday so that we can offer support and help people access relevant services.

What’s involved? We need confident (and fit!) cyclists for this important role. We provide ‘Cycle Patrol’ and other training. Our Street Team staff provide ongoing support so that volunteers feel confident and able to provide initial signposting to people they meet. We ask Street Cycles Volunteers to commit to a minimum of 1 shift per week, 2 or more is better. Shifts are typically 4 hours.

Interested? Contact us letting us know you’re interested in this role. We’d love to start a conversation with you.

Period Friendly Pals

What they do: We are launching a new initiative to ensure women who are homeless have access to sanitary products and other items when they need them. These volunteers support the distribution of Period Friendly packs and the Period Friendly Points – where women can access products and hot water, in a clean safe place. Period Friendly Pals help with setting up and restocking Period Friendly Points in accessible sites across Glasgow. They collect, sort and pack the products we need at our warehouse (underwear, sanitary products, wipes etc); provide a listening ear to women in need and are involved in promoting the project and getting support for donations to deliver the project.

Why it matters: Many of the women we support have only the clothes they stand in, they do not always have access to things they need to take care of themselves during their period: sanitary products, clean underwear and warm water in a safe and clean environment. Period Friendly Points are helping to provide a period of dignity for women who are homeless. Our Period Friendly Pals help us reach more women, more successfully and make a difference.

What’s involved? Time commitment is anything from 2 hours a fortnight to 4 hours a week, whatever you can offer. Mostly during office hours, but we are able to look at evening and weekend volunteers too.

We’ve had an overwhelming response to our request for volunteers to become Period Friendly Pals.  We’ll let you know when we are expanding this service and looking for more volunteers

Nightstop Volunteer Host

What they do: Providing a young person with a bit of kindness and a safe place to sleep (3 – 5 nights).  During the day, a support worker spends time with the young person as they work out a more long-term solution.

Why it matters: We want to try prevent young people from ever having to sleep on the streets. Rough sleeping is unsafe, it’s risky it’s scary and it is bad for your mental and physical health. After the first night, it is much easier for someone to sleep rough more regularly. Through Nightstop we can support young people at a very vulnerable time. They are at risk of becoming homeless perhaps because things are difficult at home or they have had an unexpected crisis.

What’s involved: This role is for people living in Glasgow who have a spare room. (A sofa bed in a shared space is not suitable). Each guest is pre-agreed with the host including  agreeing how long the young person will stay (typically between 3-5 nights). Training and ongoing support is provided.  

Interested? Contact us letting us know you’re interested in this role. We’d love to start a conversation with you.

Get more info and apply to join our team

If you enjoy meeting and interacting with people, embrace our values and care for the people we support, we’d love to hear from you