Winter Crisis Appeal 2022 – Liz’s story

10 November 2022
I knew I needed help. But I don’t like asking for help. No one does, do they?

I was really scared when I visited Simon Community Scotland’s Hub in October. 


I knew I needed help. But I don’t like asking for help. No one does, do they?


The charity had helped me before. I’d slept rough, been in hostels, emergency and temporary accommodation. The team supported me in so many ways; with benefits advice, healthcare and lots of chats when I was low.


Simon Community, over time, helped me through a lot of trauma to the point where I got my own home. 


Now it feels like I could lose it and become homeless all over again.


I went back to visit Simon Community Scotland in October to ask for help. My prepayment meter seems to eat money and my benefits only stretch so far. I was buying less food. Having to make choices I didn’t want to make.


I don’t want to go back to rough sleeping, or hostels, or temporary accommodation. I want to keep my home.


Simon Community Scotland are going to help me. Through this winter. And whenever i need them. With support and advice. They care.


Recently the team helped by giving me some food vouchers, fuel cards, a new jacket, underwear, pyjamas and some toiletries. It meant the world to me.


I know they’re trying to help so many people in this way. They’re available to talk, to support, they’re there for information … but they also help with things like this.


They helped me furnish my flat. My home. Now they’re going to help me keep it and this little pack of care has made me smile for the first time in ages. 


Times are tough, but please help if you can. You could help to make someone smile, you could help offer hope, you could help to change and save a life.

To support our Winter Crisis Appeal 2022 please visit