A Safe Place – Kirsty’s story

10 October 2023
Please read Kirsty's story and support our A Safe Place Appeal if you can.

Kirsty – Glasgow, aged 37

“I was lost. In a downward spiral of poor mental health and taking copious amounts of drugs to block out pain and trauma. I had a job, I had a home, I was in a relationship… and I lost them all. I was sofa surfing and then I was on the streets, or in hostels.

“I found Simon Community Scotland’s hub after speaking to their Street Team. It was the safest place I had been for months. It felt safe to talk, safe to connect with the support workers, safe to tell them my story and all my fears. Simon Community Scotland got me into one of their specialist women’s support services.

“I had my own room with an en-suite bathroom – something I’d never had before! I had access to 24-hour support. I felt safe. And my mental health improved considerably. I’m now in my own home, but I’m not through it all. I still need the safety of the hub to help me through my addictions and experience of homelessness. But for the first time in a long time, I can see light.” 

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