CEO open letters to businesses

12 December 2023
CEO Lorraine McGrath has penned open letters asking for help from businesses in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Lanarkshire and Perthshire where we provide safe places and support.

Dear all

Today I have taken the step of publishing open letters addressed to businesses in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Lanarkshire and Perthshire. This action comes as the need for our safe places and support for people experiencing homelessness reaches record levels.

As a charitable organisation, Simon Community Scotland consistently endeavours to go above and beyond, fueled by ambition, creativity and a commitment to listening and learning from those we support. Through our hubs, street teams, helplines, accommodation services, SCS homes, Streetreads library and outreach services, we are making a tangible difference every day.

As a team, we also regularly ask each other – what more can we do to help? That question is more important than ever, particularly as Edinburgh and Glasgow have declared housing emergencies.

To answer that question, we must seek additional assistance from the communities we serve. This assistance is crucial for addressing basic life necessities, such as warm winter clothing, food and toiletries. Moreover, it will enable us to enhance the safety and support of individuals over Christmas, through the winter months and also into the future.

We already have our sights on 2024 and the future. Our goal is to establish additional safe places and increase our support for people experiencing homelessness.

Please help if you can by downloading one of my letters (below) for your company, or for a family or friend who works somewhere that could offer support.

Please feel free to reach out for a chat or meeting by emailing

Thank you and very best wishes 


Download a letter for your company

Edinburgh letter

Glasgow letter

Lanarkshire letter

Perthshire letter

Post by:

Chief Executive Officer
Lorraine McGrath
"Lorraine has been the Simon Community Scotland CEO since 2012."