Period Friendly Project

Free for all. Period.

One of the biggest challenges people experiencing homelessness face is their period. They can’t afford period products and often don’t have access to the facilities needed to keep themselves clean. Period inequality contributes to the poor mental health and wellbeing experience of many who are excluded from the basic essentials of sanitary and hygiene products.

Our Project provides free period products, for anyone in Scotland

You can find free products at Period Friendly Points which are located in public toilets, providing a safe, clean environment with warm water where people can take care of themselves. Period Points can be found in female, male and accessible toilets throughout the city, providing people with a ‘Period of Dignity’. We’re starting to introduce resusable products to the Project as these products are proving popular and are a cost effective alternative with huge environmental benefits.

We launched our Period Friendly Project in 2017

We operated across Glasgow, Edinburgh and the surrounding areas when we realised the people we were supporting needed access to period products. 

The Project is volunteer-led and our volunteers are always looking for improved ways to provide people with the dignity they deserve. As many of the people we support only have the clothes they’re standing in, our volunteers wanted to provide clean pants at our Period Points. They organise Pants Drives to collect brand new underwear and this year they’ve collected over 1,800 new pairs of pants which we distribute alongside the free products.

How has The Period Friendly Project developed? 

In March 2019 we partnered with Glasgow Life & Glasgow City Council to install Period Points in Glasgow Life buildings throughout the city. The pilot started successfully with 15 libraries and community centres becoming Period Points; after evaluation it was decided that Period Points should be available in all Glasgow Life venues throughout the city. This plan was originally delayed due to COVID-19 restrictions but, thanks to our amazing volunteers, we now have over 120 Period Points throughout Glasgow including police stations and third sector organisations. Check out the PickupMyPeriod App to see where our nearest Point is located.

Scotland became the first country in the world to make it a legal right to access free period products in November 2020

The Period Products (Free Provision) (Scotland) Act’s aim is to ensure that all who menstruate* can have reasonably convenient access to period products, free of charge, as and when they are required. The Act states that: 

  • Anyone who menstruates has the right to free period products in Scotland whenever they need them
  • Educational establishments should make period products available for free in all appropriate toilets 
  • Scottish Ministers must publicise the availability of free period products

Become a Period Friendly Project Volunteer

Volunteering with us means making an impactful contribution to the lives of others. Joining our passionate, dedicated team of volunteers on this project means you’ll be providing people with the dignity they deserve.

To find out more about volunteering, visit our Volunteering page or get in touch at

*Not everyone who menstruates identifies as female, therefore as part of ensuring a dignified approach, responsible bodies must ensure that the arrangements put in place to meet their duties allow any individual who menstruates, including transgender men and non-binary individuals, to access products. The guidance further states that the language that is used in consultation, published arrangements and delivery should be considerate of sex and gender equalities.
In addition, in some cases men may wish to access products for free for family members or partners. In practice this is likely to require products to be available for free in, for example, at least some gender neutral toilets, disabled toilets (where these are recommended for use by people who menstruate but do not wish to use female toilets), or male-only spaces.