Trauma Informed Care

We work with people so that they can resolve their homelessness as quickly as possible

We maintain contact with people – in diverse circumstances – so that we can help them address the underlying reasons for their homelessness and get the support they need, to recover and thrive.

Our Trauma Informed Care provides a safe environment that ensures the people we support, and our staff, feel physically and psychologically safe. Any decisions are made with transparency.

The goal is to build and maintain trust and we try, where possible, to ensure an early intervention approach

We work collaboratively with individuals and partner organisations to make sure we’re taking a robust trauma informed approach. We positively address biases, stereotypes and past trauma and our approach allows us a platform to understand the whole individual.

In doing so we create safe psychologically informed environments, establish trust and healthy boundaries and support the autonomy of choice which we use to promote strengths in people and support a reduction in re-traumatisation.