#GiveHope - #GiveHope – How your Christmas kindness is bringing comfort, joy and hope to the people we support this winter

#GiveHope – How your Christmas kindness is bringing comfort, joy and hope to the people we support this winter

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to present the biggest challenge we have ever faced. While emergency accommodation has greatly reduced rough sleeping, more people are facing life in temporary hotel rooms and short term places and seeking help to get back on their feet. And thousands more are potentially on the brink of homlessness as they struggle to meet housing costs.

We want everyone to know that they matter, that we care and that we’re here to help them prevent and recover from any risk or experience of homelessness. 

In December we launched a new JustGiving appeal asking again for you to donate what you could to #GiveHope to others 

We can’t thank you enough for your generosity. From children whose parents we have helped, parents whose children we have helped, performers who held virtual fundraisers, pensioners who gave up their winter fuel payments, companies, schools, and kind-hearted strangers, every single gift helped to make things better for the people we support. Here are just a few of your heart-warming messages:

Thank you so much for the work you do to help people who are homeless. Particular thanks to the person who gave me advice when I was concerned for the welfare of someone sleeping rough near my house.
I want to give some of my Christmas money to your great charity. My daddy had a friend called Simon who died this year. (Angus, Aged 7)
You do amazing things guys, keep it up. From King’s Park Primary School.
Merry Christmas From Stephen & The Team at First Trust.
We are lucky to have a home of our own and wish everyone could have the same. Now more than ever we need to help as many as we can. 
This is on behalf of my dad, he is very active in the community and only wanted a donation for his Christmas present!!
For the last three years, Kayla who is 8 years old has asked us, her godparents, not to buy her a Christmas present but give to a charity that looks after the homeless and their dogs.
Just giving what I can as without organisations like yours I might be still on the streets but probably dead. Keep up the great work.
Thank you for being there to support my son when I couldn’t.
In memory of Martin and thank you to the Glasgow Street Team for the help and kindness you gave him.
Just a token for a great cause in lieu of sending Christmas cards this year.

Here are just a few of the many ways your gifts are helping people in extremely difficult circumstances on the road to recovery from homelessness and the harms it brings

Sheila*, a young mother recovering from addiction was distraught and feeling hopeless because she couldn’t afford a Christmas present to show her 6 year old daughter that she loves her. The Access Hub in Glasgow used the #GiveHope fund to help her buy a LOL Doll, a Toy Car, colouring books and pens, and sweets and gift wrapped them all. The gift has rekindled the relationship between mum and daughter and Sheila is buzzing with determination for herself and her daughter to continue in her recovery journey, moving onto supported accommodation.   The recovery centre manager has told her she will be welcome to work for them in future and Sheila has set herself the goal of volunteering, on the path to a job.

Simon* approached The Access Hub after his relationship broke down and he found himself with nowhere to go. He had the chance of a job, but no workwear, nor cash to get there. We used the #GiveHope fund to kit him out with work gear, a bus pass, his rent deposit and a months rent to get him on his feet and stay off the street.

Vulnerable women arrived at our Rapid Access after a period of rough sleeping with little but the clothes they were wearing. Your donations meant that we could provide not only the basics such as underwear, pyjamas, and warm winter clothing, but also a few little luxuries including make-up, moisturiser, perfume, books, chocolate and £10 Primark vouchers. The difference this made was plain to see. They felt genuinely welcome and cared for. As one said: ‘This is the best Christmas I’ve had in a number of years and it’s a Christmas I’ll not forget in a long time.’

Every single gift we make on your behalf is linked directly with the individually tailored support and care we deliver

Thanks to your compassion we continue to #GiveHope to people at risk of or experiencing homelessness and drive long term recovery from the harms it brings.

*Names have been changed. Photo credit: Kira auf der Heide.