AND Digital partnership launch

Simon Community Scotland are delighted to announce a long-term partnership with AND Digital’s Glasgow Club!

We are also SUPER EXCITED that our team and people we support have been working with the incredible team at AND, who have given up so much of their time, to create a ‘first of its kind’ valuable digital resource.

Murray Easton, Head of Fundraising and Communities at Simon Community Scotland said about the alignment of the two organisations: “Digital Inclusion is one of the strategic drivers across all of our services at Simon Community Scotland. Access to interactive support is vital for people experiencing homelessness. In AND Digital, we have found a partner who is committed to help us with (digital) expertise but also with providing volunteers who assist us with other initiatives across the charity. The local Almeida team members, from the management to all squad members, have been extremely open, collaborative and engaging with our team at Simon Community Scotland. Everything has felt natural, the timing has been perfect and we can’t wait to announce further details in the near future.”

Kelly Innes, People Lead at AND Digital’s Glasgow club commented: “Our partnership with Simon Community Scotland is an incredibly rewarding experience. The project team of ANDis really enjoyed the technical challenges of the project but more importantly, they were fully engaged with the SCS team and were fully invested in helping to develop a tool that will impact many lives in a positive way. During our recent Almeida Club Day, we had the pleasure of collaborating and brain-storming with the SCS team. For all of us at AND, it was a real eye-opener to understand the background and hard work SCS put in on a daily basis and we are delighted to be able to help, in our own small way.” 

Look out for more news within the next month!

About Simon Community

  • Simon Community Scotland is the largest provider of homelessness services across the country. The charity helps over 6,000 people a year through their Edinburgh & Glasgow Hubs, Street Teams, Supported Accommodation sites and many other initiatives. 
  • Almost 34,000 households were assessed as being homeless in Scotland in 2020/21
  • 13,097 households were in temporary accommodation as at 31/03/21
  • Glasgow is the local authority with the most households assessed as being homeless; around 6,000 per annum. 2,668 households are in temporary accommodation.
  • Source: Scottish Government 

About AND Digital 

AND Digital is on a mission to close the world’s digital skills gap. The go-to digital enablement partner for organisations including SKY, DC Thomson, WoodMackenzie and BA, AND Digital empowers organisations with the ability to build digital products AND grow their internal capability along the way. To achieve this, the company blends technical craft and digital product expertise with an award-winning learning and development ethos. 

Ranked 2nd in Glassdoor’s Best Places to Work 2022, AND Digital operates an innovative ‘club’ model, represented in Scotland through its Somerville club in Edinburgh and Almeida club in Glasgow. Each club offers a flexible and highly responsive service to its clients, as well as a commitment to the local community in which it is based. 

All ANDis (the collective name for AND Digital employees) are given annual ‘innovation days’ to support local digital projects that they are passionate about. Each club also partners with a local charity to generate positive change in the area. AND Digital currently partners with Simon Community Scotland in Glasgow and RockTrust in Edinburgh, helping to tackle homelessness and poverty across Scotland. 
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