Christmas Wishes: The Kindness of Strangers

Brian our Simon Store volunteer found a lovely Christmas message along with a donation of clothing. It reads…

To the recipient of this bag,

I hope that the contents will be of use to you, it’s difficult to be sure but maybe it will help in some small way. I hope that you will be safe and warm this Christmas and that the new year will provide opportunities for you to be in good housing or a new job or just find contentment. The most important thing is never give up. We are none of us completely independent, we all rely on others to help us every day of our lives. If we are wise we learn to reach out for that help and grasp it with both hands. I read this last week and it has since given me pause for thought:

I am not what I ought to be
I am not what I want to be
I am not what I hope to be
but still, I am what I am.

Hoping that all your dreams come true.

Marie and Peter

A huge thank you Marie and Peter – It is so lovely to be able to pass on their thoughtful message.