Geraldine, Nightstop Glasgow host

Everyone Can Make a Difference: Our Nightstop Host Geraldine Shares Why She is a Community Host

Led by Deacon Blue star Lorraine McIntosh, we are looking for people who might consider becoming a community host with Nightstop Glasgow – perhaps even just once a month.  Geraldine Feeley is one of our longest serving hosts. 

Geraldine Feeley (53) from Easterhouse, Glasgow, has been a Nightstop host for two years.

She became a host so that she could help young people who become homeless because some members of her family have lost their homes over the years.

Geraldine has accommodated six young people so far and they have usually stayed with her for two to three nights, however one young woman stayed for three nights a week for a month.

She has always had a very positive experience and says she gets excellent support from us at Simon Community Scotland to help her to carry out the role, including regular meetings and training opportunities.

Geraldine said: “There’s no pressure to be available, it’s completely up to you.

“I tend not to ask my guests a lot of questions because I think if they want to tell me, they will.

“We have a general conversation and if they feel comfortable I’ll chat with them about their situation.

“Hosts need to be open minded and non-judgemental because each young person is different.”

She added: “Being a host is really rewarding, it’s nice to know I’ve done my bit.

“It’s great to get feedback about how well the young person’s getting on after they leave.

 “But I’m just one link in the chain, if everyone did their wee bit it could make a huge difference.”

Deacon Blue singer Lorraine McIntosh is to host a no-obligation Nightstop Information Evening for people who are interested in finding out more about becoming a Nightstop host. It will take place next Thursday (24 October 2019). If you would like to attend please register via