Michael at the Access Hub

Michael’s Story: More dignity. More hope.

The people we support do amazing things every day to overcome trauma and any difficulties they face. Our approach is to ‘stick by people’ – making sure each person gets the support they need to overcome barriers and can create a good life for themselves. 

One of our services – The Access Hub in Glasgow – provides a welcoming and safe place for people to pop in. Staff are trained to listen and support people to resolve difficulties related to homelessness – which often includes linking people to colleagues in other agencies and helping to sort out practical life-stuff. 

Michael is someone who has used our support for many years. He has experienced some really difficult life situations, including the tragic death of his partner. Our Street Team initially connected with Michael when he was living on the streets. Recently, we have been delighted to support Michael as he moved into his own permanent home. 

Michael still visits our Access Hub for support with different day-to-day needs:

“There’s people who will help you with everything you need help with. There are different spaces to go to in The Hub for a chat.

“The support has been phenomenal. The staff have been so supportive. I come in all the time. I praise this place.”

A common barrier for many people who have experienced homelessness, relates to banking. To open a bank account typically requires identification papers, proof of address and other documents. Yet, someone who has been facing crisis situations and been sleeping rough, might not have this material. 

Not having a bank account impacts people in multiple ways. It makes getting benefit payments a very convoluted process and means people have to use cash all the time. It makes it impossible to do payments online for shopping, entertainment or anything else. It makes it harder to deal with the practicalities of getting a job and being paid. And, on a really important human level, it can leave people feeling ‘on the edge’ and not really ‘part of society’.

Our pilot partnership with TSB bank is helping to make things easier for the people we support. Michael is the second person to open a TSB bank account through our pilot partnership with TSB.

Michael explains in more detail:

“Not getting a bank account was one of my main blockers. I didn’t have the right ID, the right this, the right that. The team came with me to TSB to set things up.”

“Before my bank account, I would get a PIP code to my phone and I would have to take that to the Co-op to get my benefit money.”

“I feel safer for having a bank account. I feel more secure. When I get a job, I’d like to be a bricklayer or a plumber, it will be a huge help.”

Speaking more about the Hub, Michael added:

“I praise this place. Honestly, see if this wasn’t here, I don’t know where I’d be. I’d probably be dead, that’s the truth.”

This is why we do what we do. We want people to feel more secure and confident. We want things to be easier for people who have experienced trauma. We want people to have what they need to shape the life that they want. 

Every day we see how amazing people are. We are proud to be able to provide company, expertise and support as people face and overcome difficult situations. 

We are grateful to all working in partnership with us – including our colleagues at TSB – to help make this possible. 

Together, we can end homlessness.