Rucksack and Handbag Appeal 2017

Support our Rucksack & Handbag Appeal Day: Sunday 26th November 2017

We’re excited to be hosting our annual Rucksack & Handbag Appeal Day this November.

How it works

  • We gather a range of donations – simple things like warm clothes, toiletries and other essentials.
  • We sort and pack the goods – essentials and some treats – into rucksacks and handbags.
  • We then distribute them to people who are struggling with homelessness – they may be sleeping rough or living in temporary or emergency accommodation.

Get involved

We’ve already had a great response from people who will be volunteering with us on the day.

We’re now looking for donations. Can you help?

What we need

  • Sleeping bags
  • Handbags
  • Rucksacks
  • Toiletries
  • Clothing & toiletries for women: hat, scarf, gloves, t-shirts, tights, new underwear size 10-12 (cotton), waterproof jacket, slippers, tampons, panty liners/towels, makeup, eyeliner, lipgloss, hairbrush, scrunchie/bobbles/kirby’s/clips, emory boards, perfume.
  • Clothing for men: hat, scarf, gloves, fleece jacket or waterproof coat, new underwear (medium), t-shirts, socks, jumper
  • Food (non perishable please): cereal bars, tinned food with a pull ring, crisps & sweets, cuppa soup /pot noodles/oats/cereal pot, chocolate, sugar free gum.
  • Other useful stuff: groundnut, foil blanket (prevents hypothermia), cutlery, pencil and pad, flasks.

Dropping off your donations

You can gift your donations in a bag/rucksack, or simply use a carrier bag. Drop off your donations at the following venue:

12/14 ReidvaleStreet, Glasgow, G31 1SZ

Can you promote this event at your workplace or on social media?

Here’s a poster to download, or you can email us for a printed copy.

Rucksack & Handbag Appeal Poster