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Are you 16-25? Homeless or at risk of becoming homeless? Nightstop is here for you.

Nightstop provides young people, aged between 16-25, with emergency accommodation within vetted and trained host households in communities across Glasgow.

This allows young people in crisis a safe place to stay for the night while they decide their next steps. It also allows them to address their individual support needs, while allowing them to maintain any education, employment or training they are involved in, without their accommodation being affected. This prevents young people from entering into a never-ending cycle of homelessness.

Nightstop can also be accessed for short term respite for young people with no other accommodation options in times of crisis while putting support measures in place for them, such as family mediation, to allow them to return to the family/carer home if it is practical and safe to do so. They may, alternatively, look at other long term accommodation options, such as presenting to the local casework team or moving into the private rented sector through our Rent Deposit Scheme.

If you or someone you know requires free emergency accommodation, support or advice, please contact us.

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