Become a Period Friendly Partner

How you can help the Period Friendly Project

On average someone who menstruates will have spent around £18,000 on period products in their lifetime. The introduction of the Period Products (Free Provision) (Scotland) (Bill) will help to alleviate this in the future but the reality is that monthly expenditure on hygiene products is just not affordable for a number of individuals and families in Scotland.

Clean pants are always needed but people experiencing homelessness struggle to source them and the other things they need to take care of themselves and keep themselves clean.

We provide free, clean pants for people in need within our Period Friendly Points where we can. Each Point will also ideally carry a small stock of wet wipes.

If you want to help make vulnerable people’s lives that little bit easier, then please donate as many pairs of small or medium pants and travel packs of wet wipes as you can.

Contact to make a donation and help us say Pants to Poverty!

Our Period Friendly Partners:

  • Glasgow City Council
  • Glasgow Life
  • Wilsons Washroom Services
  • All of the Scottish bloggers/vloggers

Are you interested in becoming a Period Friendly Volunteer? We’re looking for an army of volunteers to work with us on our project. For more information contact