First Aid for hypothermia

If the person is unconscious or unresponsive dial 999. Meanwhile,

You need to warm the person up

  • move them indoors
  • remove any wet clothing and dry them
  • wrap them in blankets
  • give them a warm non-alcoholic drink – only if they can swallow normally
  • give energy food that contains sugar, such as a chocolate bar – only if they can swallow normally

If the person can’t be moved indoors, find something for them to rest on to protect them from the cold ground, like a towel or blanket.

If the person does not appear to be breathing – and you have been trained on how to do it – give them CPR. You must continue to do this until professional help arrives in the form of an ambulance or medical team.

Things to avoid

Some things can make hypothermia worse:

  • don’t put the person into a hot bath.
  • don’t massage their limbs.
  • don’t use heating lamps.
  • don’t give them alcohol to drink.

These actions can cause the heart to suddenly stop beating (cardiac arrest).