Our Services in North Lanarkshire

North Lanarkshire is a large local authority area with diverse cultures and challenges. In partnership with the council, we are the sole provider for adult homelessness services across the whole of North Lanarkshire. 

Integrated responses
Our arrangement with the council enables us to provide a whole systems response – from interventions to prevent rough sleeping to more settled support. At every point we are able to bring a consistent approach of compassion and skill that recognises the impact of trauma, and can accompany people as they recover from homelessness.

Partnership working enables better solutions
Our strong partnerships with local authority teams in North Lanarkshire make an enormous difference to the people we support. By sharing resources, building collaborative relationships and exploring innovative solutions we support people to find long term solutions that really work for them. 

Services in North Lanarkshire

Supported Accommodation

We have four accommodation services in North Lanarkshire. Two services offer rooms for men. We also have a service consisting of four cottages for women, and another with four flats for men. 

Each of our services includes wrap-around support. It is relationships that matter most. We take time to get to know every person we support – so that we can tailor our services to what they need. 

Our support includes helping people navigate the digital world and resolve any technical difficulties (e.g. with their benefits or bank accounts), accompanying people to appointments, and hosting leisure and wellbeing activities. We’re pet friendly. We even adopted a cat – called Simon – when his previous owner moved into a tenancy that wouldn’t allow pets. #LittleThingsMatter

Outreach: Housing Support

Our outreach team in North Lanarkshire is focused on supporting people to be able to keep their home. Many people who have experienced the trauma of homelessness, or are at risk of homelessness, face huge challenges in maintaining tenancies. 

By providing support with budgeting and using digital tools, and accompanying people as they resolve issues or apply for grants they are entitled to, people are able to grow in confidence and enjoy their home. #EveryoneHome

Homes First

Through this new service we are able to provide consistent, intensive and long-term support to people in their homes. It is tailored to people who have experience of homelessness and face other difficulties. A partnership with Barnardos and Blue Triangle. Launching early 2021.

Innovation and Impact

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