Our services in Perth

Our Services in Perth & Kinross

Perth and Kinross is one of the most wealthy areas of Scotland. It is also an area where people struggle with homelessness – struggles that are often hidden which means it is harder for people to get support.  

People at the heart
This vast mostly rural area, with urban and semi-urban centres, provides significant challenges of both reach and access. Key to our support is building positive partnerships with agencies who provide services that people need – including colleagues in social work, mental health and addiction services and a range of voluntary sector organisations. The geography of the area demands different solutions and ways of working. 

What doesn’t change is our approach. Relationships and meeting people where they are at remains pivotal to our approach. We are tenacious for people – we want everyone to get the support that best suits what they need. 

Housing Support (Outreach)

Our outreach team works across North Perthshire and Perth City to help people who are at risk of losing their home. People may be struggling with their health – including mental health – or be facing other social or practical challenges that is making it harder for them to maintain a secure place to live. Our team travels vast distances to meet with people and hear what they need. We link people to the right services and help them resolve the issues they are facing. Through our compassion, care and attention we help people get what they need so they can live safely and confidently in their home. 

Innovation and Impact

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