Housing First in Edinburgh

People have a right to a home

Housing First operates on the principle that housing and support should not be separated and flexible support is provided for as long as it’s needed.

Our team work with people for as long as they need us

We bring empathy and understanding, advocacy and assistance, and opportunities for community connection to those who may have faced multiple barriers throughout their lives. Our approach is tailored to the needs of each person we support; it flexes and develops as they do, though always trauma-informed, with a harm reduction mindset.

We actively work to ensure the individuals we support have input into the services we deliver

This feedback ensures that our services remain relevant to the people we support, providing empowerment which, for many individuals we work with, has often been denied.

Housing First is about human experiences, relationships, stories and life journeys and the positive impact that providing compassion and care brings to the lives of people who access our service.

There’s more to long term safety and security than simply providing a home, this is just the beginning of the journey

Housing First provides support that’s just a phone call or visit away from the warmth of our staff team who want to help with the complexities that arise on a journey out of homelessness.

People need the opportunity to live independently, but also the chance to access support when they need it

Our vision is that everyone deserves a safe place to live and access to the support they need – Housing First has a big role to play in that vision.

A client who was previously considered “unaccommodatable” due to a range of complex support needs is now approaching his first year in a tenancy – his first in 23 years!

“The Simon Community Scotland team have a good way of connecting with people. They treat me like a human being, not like a number and always listen to me.”