Street Teams

Our Street Team is relationship focused

Trust is a huge element of what we do. We meet people where they’re at, often supporting them into accommodation – other times we ensure they’re as supported as possible.

Our Street Teams work 7 days a week supporting people who appear to be at risk of homelessness and rough sleeping on the streets of Edinburgh & Glasgow 

They receive information from the public, partnership organisations and through their own networks, regarding people who may be sleeping rough or begging in Edinburgh and Glasgow.

People end up on the streets of Scotland’s two main cities for multiple reasons 

Quite simply – they often have nowhere else to go and our teams can often provide over 350  supports a week. Working in shifts, our teams work from 7am – 11pm, covering known rough sleeping and begging sites, and also responding to calls from the public or partnership organisations to our Freephone numbers. The number of people sleeping rough in Glasgow and Edinburgh is reviewed daily and reported to the relevant local authorities weekly.


Gavin Money, Regional Manager for Scotland & Northern Ireland for Biffa, recently spent a day with our Glasgow Street Team

“I was given the opportunity to spend time with the Glasgow Street Team so I could understand their role in the city and learn more about the challenges and situations they deal with and to provide me with some perspective. I was taken out by Paul and Alex – two incredibly passionate, empathetic, and warm individuals around the hub of the city.”

“We met a lad that was well known to both Paul and Alex and there was a warmth and camaraderie in those initial exchanges. It was at this point that Paul and Alex spoke about the importance of trust in their role – we often speak of this in a business environment in the creation and development of a team, but this quality was incredibly profound throughout my entire time with the guys.”

“It was an incredibly powerful and humbling experience with the Glasgow Street Team. Paul and Alex are a credit to Simon Community Scotland. Simon Community Scotland are people like Paul and Alex. It was a genuine pleasure to be in their company and to learn the true value of trust.”

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Our free Helplines are available 24 hours a day

Edinburgh 0808 178 2323   Glasgow 0800 027 7466