The Connect Hub

The Connect Hub (For Women)

Simon Community Scotland are in the process of developing a brand new support centre for women, opening in late autumn 2023. The Connect Hub (For Women) will be a psychologically informed space, designed by and for women. Delivering a model of holistic support and care, as well as opportunities to access group work, education and employability pathways, our ambition is for women to come together in one community space. The Hub will connect women with their communities – but also with services that can help them with their overall well-being. The Connect Hub will bring together partner agencies and organisations delivering services for women, focused on access to housing, mental health, welfare rights, harm reduction, sexual health and more. 

This unique model is founded in co-production ensuring women’s voices are held at the centre. We support women who, despite facing many challenges accessing support, hold the most resilience, creativity, humour and passion to make things better for other women. 

We know how difficult it can be for women to get the right support, at the right time. That is why to develop the model and ensure that women are represented from the inception, we are working with a Steering Group of six women who have living experience of homelessness. This group has informed us about what good support can and should be for women, and how they want the Connect Hub to look and feel. They are best placed to envision what best practice looks like for women accessing support. 

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” ― Maya Angelou

At the core of the Connect Hub lies the essence of relational practice. Within the space, women will have the opportunity to come together, nurture meaningful connections with each other, with their community and with essential services and support they require. Additionally, a dedicated team of skilled practitioners, volunteers and mentors will be on site to create an environment where women can thrive, feel empowered and achieve their goals.


Our Mission

The Connect Hub is a community project focused on supporting women experiencing or at risk of homelessness.



Our Women’s Steering Group has worked hard to develop our approach within the Connect Hub. Together, we have developed the following pillars, which will underpin everything that we do.



  • Trauma Informed Care
      • At the Connect Hub, we believe in creating a caring and supportive environment that helps women heal and regain their power after experiencing trauma. It’s all about making sure every aspect of our support and care is thoughtfully designed and implemented with sensitivity. We want women to feel empowered and find their path to healing – whatever that looks like for them.
  • Harm Reduction
      • We are dedicated to providing compassionate care to women who use substances, without judgement or stigma. Our goal is to make sure they have  the information, support, and resources they need to prioritise their health and overall wellbeing. We’re here to support them every step of the way and meet women where they are.
  • Holistic Support
      • By working collaboratively with partners, we can provide an integrated service that caters to the unique needs of women. We are focused on supporting women with their physical, mental, emotional, and social well-being, and help them find paths to learning and employment. It’s all about coming together to provide holistic support and make a positive impact on women’s lives.
  • Confidentiality and Safety
      • Creating a safe and inclusive space for women and children is our top priority. We take confidentiality and safety seriously, and it’s built right into our operating systems. We believe in being transparent about how information is shared, making sure everyone feels comfortable and informed. We are committed to maintaining a secure and trustworthy environment for women.
  • Lived and living experience
    • We firmly believe in putting the power of living and lived experience at the heart of everything we do. Women’s voices are absolutely vital to shaping and guiding our development. That’s why we make sure their voices stay front and centre in all our programmes and services. We value their insights and perspectives, and they play a crucial role in shaping our approach. Together, we’re making sure women’s voices are heard and respected every step of the way.


You can help support us by providing one-off or monthly donations.

  • £5 can help us provide…
      • a daily meal for women accessing the Connect Hub
      • toiletries for women in temporary accommodation
      • non-perishable food items for women accessing our food bank
  • £10 can help us provide…
      • a care package for women
      • fresh underwear for women
  • £20 can help us provide…
      • art supplies for women to draw and write
      • baby food and supplies
      • A digital inclusion pack.
  • £50 can help us provide…
    • a starter pack for women moving into their own tenancies
    • Support women into education and employment


Larger Donations

The project is dependent upon the generosity and support from grants and donations. We need to raise £150k to allow us to be available 7 days a week for women. 

We are also working to support women into safe houses and help them to create a home. A Home Options Pack includes deposit, starter pack, a home pack, a comfort pack, digital pack and safety pack. Each Home Options Pack costs us £1800.

You can help us support women at our JustGiving page. Please donate if you can.