COVID-19: We Need Your Help to #GiveHope

Help Simon Community Scotland #GIVEHOPE Today!

People who are affected by homelessness are being hugely impacted by the coronavirus pandemic. We’re here to help and we need your support.

Hear from our CEO Lorraine McGrath, about the impact of COVID-19 on the people we support.

We know that there are many things, often small things that we can do, which will mean the world to people who are homeless. We want to ask for your help so that we can give back hope at scale right across our country.

We have set up our first ever crowdfunding page and ask that you can give what you can and help us give hope to others by sharing this opportunity for everyone you know to touch the lives of some of the most vulnerable people in our country at a time when they need us most.

Examples of how your donations could help:

Kettle Food Parcels

We can purchase a variety of dried foods for people who don’t have cooking facilities to make sure no-one goes hungry.

Pyjamas and Underwear

These will allow us to provide touches of dignity to people who come into our accommodation services.


These will allow us to help people feel just that little bit better, uplifted and clean.

3G Text and Call Phones

These will allow us to connect daily with people who really need our help.

See more about what we need and how we spend donations we receive.
Donate today so we can buy what we need to support people in practical ways. 

COVID-19 and the support we give 

The COVID-19 pandemic has presented us with the greatest challenge we’ve ever seen. For the people we support it could be devastating: having nowhere to self isolate, already being in poor health and having desperate needs which means they may put themselves, and others, at greater risk of cross infection. The people we support have experienced the homelessness services landscape they rely upon to get through each day shrink dramatically. The places they go, the crucial support they rely upon has largely disappeared and they are scared of the current reality they are faced with.

The food provision they knew is gone.  The clothing providers they relied upon are gone.  The shower and laundry facilities they need have all but disappeared.  The social networks and lifeline services they need can’t continue. We understand the reasons for this, but when you are already deeply traumatised and navigating a complex homelessness system this seems hopeless…

We are doing everything we can to give people the chance to be safe, our Street Teams in Edinburgh and Glasgow continue to reach out day and night to people, our already full accommodation services remain open 24/7, our Advice Hubs continue to support and guide people towards help, and we have opened emergency accommodation in the form of hotels with the support of the Scottish Government.

Donate Today

The pressure on our resources is huge, as we’ve had to radically change the way we operate to meet the challenge of a global pandemic. We are over recruiting so that we have more staff to help. We’ve also asked our incredible volunteers to come and help us keep everything moving, and we’re redeploying our most experienced staff to where the need is greatest.

We are using up our resources of cash, food and clothing at a phenomenal rate and we need your help to keep pace. If you can donate cash that would be fantastic, all money raised will go into a fund specifically for the COVID-19 crisis period.

There are many more examples we could give.  None of this costs the earth, in fact all are just a few pounds, but as we increase our staffing complement as a matter of urgency to ensure every person who needs us has our support as a priority, your help with these little extras will mean the world to people who are homeless and feeling hopeless.  Together, above all else, let’s give hope.

Huge Thanks

We are so grateful for all the support we’ve received. Thank you so much!