Head of Service Housing First

JOB TITLE: Head of Service Housing First
REPORTS TO: Strategic Lead East
SALARY: £39,645 to £46,520 per annum
BASED: Edinburgh and across Central Scotland

Developing committed partnerships and networks, especially around local authority and third
sector partners, ensuring clear knowledge and understanding of the commissioning and
compliance protocols and expectations.
Cultivating support for Housing First and associated services, as well as and other initiatives
as required, in addition to developing a strong, quality, effective and trauma-informed
Building capacity by effectively using our key resources of capable, ambitious and confident
people who can deliver services which effect lasting change.
Be a strategic thinker and act as a national resource for local authorities and housing
associations in developing strategic and operational responses to need.
To motivate, influence and empower service leadership and frontline staff to develop
multi-skilled teams which deliver your local strategy and strategic vision.

Inclusion and Participation Partnership and Collaboration Personalised and Creative

Supportive and Ambitious Warmth and Regard

We want to deliver services and responses that really matter and make a difference to
people. The vast majority of our funding comes from contracts allowing us to connect directly
with people needing support. We want our services to excel in design, delivery and impact
and we want our frontline staff to be at the very forefront of excellent design and
decision-making in our services. We need a remarkable person to help us make this happen.
That person needs to bring experience, resilience and confidence; have a genuine passion
for developing innovative teams, creating collaborative advantage and a commitment to
delivering meaningful and long term outcomes for the people we support.
The post will suit someone who recognises the enormous structural challenges the sector
faces, as well as the individual and structural challenges the people who use our services
face, and is determined to change that environment. Great services can only be delivered by
exceptional staff and partnership working, which, in turn, needs to be supported by
exceptional leaders.
You need to believe in our frontline staff and the passion and commitment they bring to
Simon Community Scotland, and find creative and innovative ways to empower them. The
values of our organisation are not rhetoric, they are alive and kicking in all aspects of our
work. We don’t always get it right but we try and try again. Bringing those values to life in
everything we do is important to us.
If you are interested, we’re looking for someone who is comfortable with detail, delegating
appropriately to their team and enabling leadership to flourish at all levels. You need to be
confident in making decisions and in managing complex resources. You should have enough
experience to bring technical knowledge of compliance and regulation, service planning and
finance as well as strategic workforce planning. You need to always have sight of the people
we support and in bringing value to them through smart, efficient, creative, reliable,
consistent and effective services.

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