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Please support our Christmas Care Appeal

Christmas Care Appeal 2021

At Simon Community Scotland we do the very best we can to provide information, support and care for people experiencing, or at risk of, homelessness. This year, 2021, we will have helped over 6,000 people.

And we always strive to give comfort, hope and dignity.

Sometimes, the people we support have literally nothing but the clothes on their back.

So, this Christmas, were asking for your support to help us provide care packs to everyone we support, over the festive period and throughout 2021. Click HERE for our Appeal Page.

Every time we support someone experiencing homelessness into emergency, temporary or supported accommodation, or into a new permanent home to call their own, we provide an individually tailored care pack – a little box of essentials and some nice goodies.

Toothbrushes, toiletries, underwear, socks, pyjamas, a dressing gown, tea, coffee, biscuits, a radio to play some music, a kettle … things most of us take for granted can go a long, long way and really make a difference to someone’s life.

A care pack we provided when supporting someone into emergency accommodation recently
. Picture Copyright: Iain McLean

These gifts show we care. It’s not just about a roof over someone’s head. It’s about making somewhere a home. Even if it is for one night, a few days, or a couple of weeks.

Simon Community Scotland caught me, they cradled me. They sat with me, they fed me. I actually felt as though someone liked me, that someone genuinely cared. i was looked after, I was warm, I had a bed. I got my own room, a television, they got me a telephone – that was my lifeline. I could talk to the people that I love. I’ve never been given that kind of support.” Richard, who is living in one of our supported accommodation flats.

Caring is such a wonderful thing, because it makes a difference to other people. Caring provides comfort, caring can make someone smile, caring can give people a boost and caring can give people hope, dignity, identity, meaning and empowerment

Your donation, your connection, your care, will make a difference to someone we are supporting.

Because every pound really does make a difference.

To support our Christmas Care Appeal you can make an online donation HERE

Or you can send a cheque, payable to Simon Community Scotland to, Simon Community Scotland, 472 Ballater St, Glasgow G5 0QW. Please mark the back of your cheque – Christmas Care Appeal.

You can also email santa@simonscotland.org if you’d like to get in touch.

Please show you care this Christmas and we promise our team will provide the best care we possibly can over the festive season and through 2022.

Things we take for granted can mean the world to someone in their time of need