Our services in Glasgow

Our Services in Glasgow

Across the city, the slogan ‘People Make Glasgow’ rings true. Sadly, Glasgow is also the place with more people asking for help with homelessness, than anywhere else in Scotland. 

Homelessness is complex. Glasgow is also complex. 
High levels of poverty are a huge factor in Glasgow. As people struggle to cope, relationship breakdowns, mental health difficulties and drugs can make extremely difficult situations even tougher. There are many agencies working to support people with a range of services. Our goal is to eliminate barriers and make it easy for people to access the support they need. 

Recovery – not just comfort 
We are concerned with much more than simply bringing some immediate comfort. Effective partnership working is pivotal to achieving the best for people. We bring our knowledge and expertise to help people find long term solutions to the challenges they face. 

What we do every day
Within the city we deliver a wide range of services – starting on the frontline with our Street Team and multi-agency Access Hub. We also provide emergency and supported accommodation, and a range of initiatives to ensure people can avoid, resolve and recover from homelessness.

Services and initiatives in Glasgow


Our Rough Sleeping and Vulnerable People (RSVP) Services are:

  • Street Team & Street Cycles: Every day we connect with people who are sleeping rough or at risk of rough sleeping. Our Street Team provides advice, support to access services and some on-street services – including support from the Phoenix pharmacy team, and a vet. Our Street Cycles volunteers also support donation collection and delivery. Read more about rough sleeping and how you can help. 
  • The Access Hub: Our sector-leading multi-agency hub is a place where people affected by homelessness can drop in to get help with benefits, health, finances, legal advice, access to the digital world and more. Delivered in partnership with a range of providers, the hub makes it much easier for people to get the support they need. Read about what is available and the unique design and approach of this city centre service.
  • Helpline: Our 24hr freephone line provides information and advice for anyone who needs it; including signposting to relevant services.
  • Complex Needs Team (Outreach): This service is tailored to people who are experiencing homelessness and other difficulties and need consistent, long-term support. 


  • Emergency and Supported Accommodation: We have five accommodation services in Glasgow. This includes a women’s service providing emergency accommodation and support, two women’s services that have flats and another with eight rooms for women who are on their journey out of homelessness. We also have a supported accommodation service of eight flats for men that have complex needs and are moving out of homelessness. 
  • Nightstop: This service is for young people aged 16-25 who are homelessness or at risk of homelessness. Through our network of community hosts, we are able to prevent rough sleeping (and its harms) by providing young people in crisis with a safe, welcoming place to sleep for a few nights. During the day, we provide support so they can figure out their next steps. Delivered in partnership with Nightstop UK. Read more on our Nightstop page.  


  • Tenancy Sustainment (Outreach): Working closely with a number of housing associations we are able to provide outreach support to tenants who might be at risk of homelessness. We build relationships with people so we know what people need and want – and then tailor our support to help them achieve their goals. This could include help with accessing the digital world, going to appointments, applying for grants to furnish a new flat or help with budgeting. We want everyone to feel comfortable in their own home.
  • Shared Living Support (Outreach): Not everyone wants to live alone. Our innovative Shared Living Support initiative is specifically shaped to support two people to live together in a shared, rented home. 


Partnership initiatives in Glasgow include:

  • Housing First: We are part of the Housing First Consortium in Glasgow – a welcome new approach to providing housing to people who are homeless. Rather than enduring a range of temporary housing solutions, through Housing First people are given a permanent home as quickly as possible in order to avoid further harm.
  • Glasgow Overdose Response Team: Working in partnership with Turning Point Scotland and the Scottish Drugs Deaths Taskforce we are able to offer a quick, personal and deeply human response to people who have experienced a near fatal drug overdose. Every life matters and we want people to get the support they need so they avoid future harm.

Read more about other innovation we’re leading in Glasgow and beyond: